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Terms & Conditions

The mentioned Terms and Conditions (here-in-after referred to as Terms) are serving as the administer of the usage and access of our dashboard and other digital goods conveyed by an online multimedia accomplice, Socbik. We sincerely recommend our Customers to get acquainted with the Terms cautiously. The Socbik appreciates your investigation of the Terms in advance, as they are critical to comprehend!

Administering Law

The Terms expressed below and any debates applicable to the Terms or our Privacy Policy will be tended to solely by the laws regardless of its contention of law arrangements. General Terms and Conditions are relevant to Use of a website.

Legal Bind of Terms

As utilizing Services our company grants, you consent to be lawfully limited by the Terms expounded on our website just as go along to the Privacy Policy characterized on our website.

All the words mentioned as "Socbik," "we", "our," or "us" during the arrangement are referring to IE Shcherbinin Alexander Sergeevich. It can be described as a delegate organization associating electronic goods given to the Customer by us, IE Shcherbinin Alexaxnder Sergeevich. The rules of delivery of such goods are stated on our site in the Services section. At this point, when the term "Services" is mentioned, we are alluding expressly to the assets, that can assist our Customers with the engorging of the accounts in various social media.

By reading those Terms you are announcing the Understanding of Service Provided. Since that moment you are considered an Authorized Community Member.

Any Company, individual, group, or any other external association that has the requirements for a Service, Socbik alludes to in these Terms and considers them as a Customer. That means you are now a viable Socbik community member. Each registrant of the Community with access to the site and Service concurs with stated terms and gets it.

As far as you might be concerned, this implies:

Your (Customer's) Data obtained circumspectly by workers/representatives of Socbik. all together for further Services conveyance upgrade. The Customer agrees to grant access to the Data and Services under a stated Contract enacted upon Socbik Account Registration. The Contract claims company's responsibility in conveying Customer Services through the designation of conveyance accomplishing errands.

Important Rules

The Services that are given by Socbik inquiring you observing Terms determined underneath. In addition, the Customer must read the Privacy Policy before an agreement.

The Age of the Customer must be over 18 or precisely 18

All the provided Services are strictly inaccessible to kids younger than eighteen years old. Even if somehow the event of a person younger than eighteen years old gained the data without a consenting parent/caregiver happened, inform us about it right as you discovered it.

The process of revising the Terms alternation lies solely on the Customer

The authority of adjusting, suspending or pulling out an entire or any part of the Service or any of its substance whenever without notice and without bringing about any responsibility maintained by Socbik.

The Customer Agrees to the Rules and Terms of the Service

Socbik is not a subsidiary of Instagram or other Instagram external companies at any point.

The Customer must obey Instagram decisions and enactment dependent upon. The Customer makes any actions at his own risk.

It is needed for Socbik to get your Instagram nickname. Otherwise, we would not be able to reach the required Instagram API data. We are not storing, giving away, or distributing your data to any external associations.

The predicted quantity of followers, likes, and views is not ensured in any capacity and can change under present circumstances. If there will any drops, we will replace them during the next 7 days after your order.

The efficiency of Socbik’s services cannot be guaranteed as uninterrupted, continuous, or faultless.

The Customer must set the records to "public" during the utilization of the Service. Any time of service spent without the account set to "public" won't bring about installment repayment for the timeframe of the account set to "private".

After buying the Service, the Customer concurs that they comprehend the Terms. Moreover, the Customer must acknowledge what they are buying and confirm that he would not record a deceitful debate utilizing the installment processor.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, we assume that you are fully aware that Socbik uses the services of third-party hosting partners to provide you with the necessary assets you need to enjoy our services.

Instagram reserves the right to ask you to confirm your account by a code you will receive via an SMS. Socbik will not be accountable in the case you don’t receive the said SMS and you are unable to access your account. If this happens, your payment will not be refunded. Instead, you have the possibility of transferring the remaining paid period to another account you own. If you wish to do so, contact our support via email at the address [email protected]

Should you have any questions that concern the Terms and Conditions of Socbik, contact the support via email at the address [email protected]

Limitation of Liability Agreement

Given Services are considered accountable to the Company, Socbik. The Company cannot be expected to take responsibility for any hypothetical harms brought about. We may straightforwardly step in and make what we consider as a right move against the Customer or partner (remembering the terminating of Socbik accounts) contingent upon the situation. On no occasion, we (or you) would have any risks to the next for lost profit or any crucial, accidental, important, or any different ways of harm notwithstanding it may have caused. The statement applies to the damage done by an agreement, misdeed, or under some other hypothetical situation of obligation.

It does not matter whether or not the Customer has been informed concerning the chance of the previously mentioned harms. The Customer will have no monetary obligation to us for penetration of these Terms. The most extreme total risk to you for any supposed break of these Terms.

Any of the Services provided to the Customer can be postponed or canceled due to “Supernatural Force” known as “Force Majeure”.

While Socbik endeavors its absolute best to satisfy the administrations of the Customer by providing its services, unpredictable conditions may keep Socbik from complying with its authoritative commitments. Also called "Force Majeure" this perceived as catastrophic events, including fire, flood, quakes, storms, typhoons, other cataclysmic events, war, intrusion, demonstrations of aggression, common conflicts, uprisings, upheavals, rebellions, military operations, acts of intimidation, power cuts, Internet or telephone suspension. Not a single party is viewed as obligated under said occasions. Should the Service to the Customer be delayed, suspended, or dropped under such force, both the Customer and the Company make a deal to avoid expecting any gathering to take responsibility.

Refund Policy Agreement

You are not eligible to ask for a refund when the order of our digital products is confirmed. Once our products are sent and delivered, you cannot return them and get a refund. If you encounter any issues in receiving or downloading any of our digital products, please refer to our customer support. Any inquiries about our Refund Policy should be sent via email at the address [email protected]


We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in RUB (or any other agreed currency). We also accept payments through Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and PayPal. We use SSL encryption to ensure that all accepted payments are secured. Buying our services means that you agree to the Terms of Services, consent to the purchase made, and would not record a deceitful question. Besides, you have our approval to utilize your debit/credit card or some other source of payment used to perform the transaction. If any fraudulent attempt of faking an outcome of the dispute or chargeback is or was present, the Socbik reserves a right to reset all the added followers after the usage of our Services. The company also has a right to delete your account, and/or apply a permanent IP ban.

Inconsistencies and Agreement to Terms

The Terms expressed before, including any phrasing, referred to in our Terms or inside our Privacy Policy, are consecutive understanding of our Terms between you (the Customer), us, (the Company), and external companies that offer Services, ethically comprehended by our partner Socbik. The Terms expressed override earlier arrangements (both composed and verbal) concerning all topics identified with the agreement of Services and Terms of the utilization of Socbik Services. In the case of conflict, claims or inconsistency overriding mentioned Terms or Privacy Policy, the terms expressed on this Terms page will be the predominant arrangement introduced to any local jurisdiction parties also called "Authoritative Parties''

Use License

The license grants the right to download for a short time a single copy of the materials (data or programming) on Socbik's site only for individual, non-business transitory viewing. This is only the grant of a license, not an exchange of title. This license prohibits to:

  • • Change or duplicate the materials;
  • • Use the downloaded (or got by any other way) materials for any commercial purpose or commercial/non-commercial public display;
  • • Reverse engineer or endeavor of decompiling any software from Socbik's site;
  • • Eliminate any copyright, watermarks, or other Company notations from the materials;
  • • Move the data to another account or person;
  • • Make a backup copy of the materials on any other external/internal server.

This license will inevitably end after your trespass at least one limitation and might be ended by Socbik by its own will. It is highly recommended to get rid of any materials you have obtained. This statement applies to the electronic or printed design that you still have got from the Socbik website upon the end of your license.

Contact Socbik

We humbly appreciate any feedback from our Customers. Any contact through this form is welcomed if there are any discrepancies, errors, or other important notices regarding the Terms and/or Privacy Policy.

Socbik is much obliged to you for your collaboration. Together we can make your social media grow!